Spring Market Wildlife


Brookshire’s World of Wildlife Museum has more than 450 animals from various regions of the world on display, with a special emphasis on African and North American animals. From the polar bear, monk and caribou, to the seal, elk and mountain lion, the museum is filled with animals that inhabit far-reaching parts of North America and Africa.

The Wild Turkey, Blue Goose, Snow Goose, Red-Headed Duck and Ring-Neck Pheasant are included in the North American Birds Exhibit. A full-plumed peacock is a special feature of this exhibit. In the African exhibit, see exotic animals like the ostrich, lion, giraffe, zebra, leopard and many more. Additionally, the dolphin, porcupine fish, sailfish, bass and barracuda are just a few of the fish displayed in the Aquatic Exhibit.

The Brookshire’s World of Wildlife Museum depicts wildlife in a natural habitat so that visitors may see the animals up close and in their natural surroundings.

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