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To save energy, we deploy energy efficient equipment, thermally resistant building materials, controls and monitoring systems and operational utility efficiency improvements. When compared to 2000, Brookshire Grocery Company is using 19% less electric energy for all operations. That’s enough energy to power a small city the size of Mineola, Texas for a year.

Energy efficient initiatives for our facilities include:


Our first LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certified store is located in Tyler, Texas. FRESH by Brookshire’s received the LEED certification in 2011 for meeting the sustainable requirements for LEED Certification.


  • Daylighting
  • High efficiency T5HO fluorescent fixtures
  • LEDs
  • Intelligent LED systems


  • Operating strategy developed for energy optimization and product preservation.
  • Refrigeration and HVAC systems continually commissioned and semi-annual preventative maintenance performed for maximum energy efficiency and reliability.
  • Dedicated staff of refrigeration experts equipped with controls and monitoring equipment managing our systems for optimal efficiency.

HVAC Systems

  • New store HVAC systems designed for robust moisture control and optimal energy efficiency.

Controls and Monitoring Systems

  • HVAC and refrigeration controls
  • Lighting controls
  • Intelligent LED controls
  • Energy monitoring via sub-metering

New Store Design Features

  • Insulated exterior cooler panel wall sections.
  • Reflective membrane roofs.
  • Low density interior finishes to reduce both construction materials and required maintenance.
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